Kahlua and her 15 week EvalTomorrow the girls turn 15 weeks old. It seems like only yesterday that they were born and now they are almost 4 months old!!! Where has the time gone????

Rita hasn’t seen the girls in almost two months and they have done a lot of growing up since then. Granted, they are smack dab in the gawky, puppy uglies, but  grandma pride runs strong. We planned a meet-up in Haines City for lunch and some puppy socialization and so the girls and I packed up to head out.

They may be nowhere near done growing, but checking their bites, top-lines and stack training was included in the days activities and the results for pick of litter still remains the same as it did back when they were 6 weeks and then again at8 weeks. Kahlua is the most structurally correct and she will be the first puppy in the litter to enter the ring in May. KC may follow suit that early but chances are, she will be a bit slower to mature.

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