Way back in 2010, I sat down and created crate covers for all of the crates we use in our house and during our first trial-run of the new setup proved that Cosmo is and always will be our crate lovingest Chihuahua ever.

I have been working on our laundry room as my latest house project this past week and I did a bunch of rearranging. For one, we don’t need as many crates, taking up valuable floorspace. I folded up all but four of them and set things up to be a bit more user friendly.

My custom made crate coversIn this photo, you can see the many different configurations this design allows. The top two are the small sized MidWest, two door crates and I have the side door in use (the crate is currently storing my kennel pads). The second crate is configured to use the front door. The bottom two crates are the medium sized Midwest, two door crates. The third from the top shows  the cover with both door covers closed while the bottom crates shows the side door cover opened and yes, a dog inside. you guessed it! That’s Cosmo, still loving the covered crates!




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