I am in the packing process for another show weekend and the St. John’s County Fair Grounds is a typical dog show location – lacking seating. If you are showing dogs or simply spectating, bringing your own chair is a must. As lightweight as a camping chair is – and you  gotta know we own many of those – it is rather cumbersome to carry around with you all day at a show. Director Chairs are the way to go and are generally all that you see at these events.

Many exhibitors and handlers purchase the Picnic Time chair and then have the chair back embroidered to personalize it. I have mine on order but while at Big Lots, I happened to see they have a similar chair there for half the price of a Picnic time chair – $30.00!!!! Thought I would share the great find for any that wish to pick one up – That’s a great deal! I grabbed one to add to the mix. I couldn’t pass it up.

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