As I have shared, we are having a difficult time getting Dream to walk on a lead. I switched to an extremely light-weight show lead to see if that would help and I still got the Dream statue as a result. So, I took another route…

Taking a rubberband, I balled up the end of the lead and let it hand form her neck, giving her the feeling of weight but without me being on the other end. I would peek in on her to see if she would move but she sat on the living room floor for over 20 minutes, not making a move. (hence, the name “Dream Statue”). But then it happened!

Dream's show lead training

She picked the balled up lead in her teeth and then WALKED HERSELF up the doggy steps and laid down on the couch. Every time she moved from one couch pillow to another, she picked up her lead in her mouth and sauntered on! What a pistol!


Welcome Committee Training
Love for Aunt Shelly