Today I did a bit of a bathing science experiment. I use Dawn Dish Washing Soap on the dogs for their regular baths. But when it comes to the dogs that enter the show ring, I have tried MANY different projects. Eddie and I entered the ring together right after he blew his coat and a female was in her season. We are in the process of trying to condition and inspire coat growth. During the Orlando show circuit, I went from booth to booth looking for the products to help him gain growth but also shine and luster. He looked dried out and full of breakage.

Small Wood Pin BrushThe Chris Christensen line at the Cherrybrook booth was my first stop. They were so wonderful and helpful. The immediate fix was to STOP USING A SLICKER BRUSH!  That was continuing the breakage. So the purchase of what would soon become my favorite brush was added to my basket. The 7″ Wood Pin Brush is beyond awesome and perfect for his coat. Then we tried Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier Spray to help add some volume from the root. They also recommended Coat Dressing to help replenish moisture. I was pleased with the Thick and Thick as it really seemed to add body where he needed it but I didn’t find the Coat Dressing to be an instant fix. Perhaps with constant use, but I didn’t have that kind of time – at the time. It was day one of a four day event! The next day,  his coat was was back to dry and dull.

So off to the next booth I went on day two. Isles of Dogs caught my eye and after asking a few others about their grooming product choices, if it wasn’t Chris Christensen it was IOD!

Isles of Dogs Grooming ProductsThey sent me home with a sample bottle of No. 20 Royal Jelly Shampoo, No. 18 Black Coat Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo and No. 50 Light Management Conditioner. Can I tell you that the results were INSTANT after one use? His coat was shiny and soft, no fly-away ends and easy to “style” while blowing dry. I fell fast and I fell hard! Back to their booth I went on day three to purchase the full 250 ml bottle of each. I have used these three products on both Eddie and Huggie for every show since, loving the results every time.

Soooooo, I now have NON black dogs that I will be taking into the ring. Dream is white and Kahlua is chocolate – both colors being covered by other products from their line. I was beyond inspired to purchase No. 16 White Coat Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo for Dream and No. 17 Copper Coat Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo for KC and Kahlua. Well guess what? They arrived yesterday, inspiring Bath Day for today! Granted, this is not your run-of-the-mill, basic shampoo, a bit costly to use weekly, but for a trial run, science experiment? Oh Yeah!!!! Worth every drop!

Our entire crew was made soft, silky and fluffy. They smelled of clean dog – not wet dog, and I swear some of them smiled at me! The white dogs are definitely whiter and the brown dogs have a shine like I have never seen. Not a brassy sheen, the SHINED! Even Hope, who had her very first full-fledged bath today, dried to a silk shine and amazing scent. I can now declare that I swear by these products so jump on over to Isles of Dogs and fill up your cart.

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