Meeting Juan the CatWhen puppies are in the house, chances for socialization are never ending and the more unique, the better. ¬† We personally do not own a cat, but many of the puppies we have placed into new forever homes have to become familiar with the feline they will soon be sharing the couch space with. It’s always fun when I bring our Chihuahuas to Doc’s office so that I can give them their first cat

Juan is their resident cat with the most friendly demeanor. There is nothing more that he loves than open crates to crates into (empty or not) and to play with visiting puppies and kittens. All four of the girls got their Juan greeting and only one let out a growl РKC let it be known she was startled. cluing them all to  take refuge behind my legs. Too cute not to capture!

Officially Retired
Love for Aunt Shelly