Ginny on the ride home after her spay surgeryToday, Ginny and her girls headed out to Lady Lake with me to see Doc. A much anticipated day since it was her scheduled spay surgery. She has produced some of the most loving and adorable puppies, so deserving the chance to retire and live out her days on couch eating from my husband’s fingers.

Doc told me that her uterus was in impeccable condition – Not a single bit of scar tissue – She was such an amazing mother. All of her whelpings were effortless and textbook “free whelper”. This is a trait I hope she passes down to her daughters.

The big girls also came along for the ride to get their final set of puppy vaccines and hope came for her first set. The “K” sisters (KC, Kahlua and Kiki) again did splendidly with their vaccines, having no reactions or issues. The same for Hope but with this being her first official exam since her birth, we went over all of our options for her.

She is a perfectly happy and healthy little girl that doesn’t let her birth defect get in her way when to comes to eating. The thing is, we don’t know exactly what her future holds and what might pop up when she is older. She has a harelip and cleft lip, with her left nostril being open completely, even though she can breath through it. As she continues to grow and develop, we are not sure what will happen with her muzzle and mouth. So with all of that being discussed, the next topic was finding her the most ideal forever family that can tend to her possible future medical needs.

Oh You Uncle Dewey!
Meeting Juan