Over a year ago, our goal was to place Quik and Ace together with the same forever family. I realize the odds of finding a family willing to take on two adult males is slim but if the discovery was made, it would be a dream come true. These two have been together since Quik was born and are the best of friends. Since we are all he has ever known, rehoming him with his besets bud would make things perfect.

When a couple came forward wanting Quik and then another family wanting Ace, we assumed a separation was the only way. Ace went to his family last fall and Quik remained here for a planned breeding. Scheduling a pick-up day for Quik kept getting put off based on other family schedules and trips so we knew it would be this month. When Ace came back to us, I became set on him staying here with us, with the way he transition back into the pack.

Ace and Quik Going Home To Be Spoiled by Maria and PatThe much anticipated “Quik Pick Up Day” arrived and I cannot tell you how excited I was after months of text, phone and email conversations to finally meet everyone in person. Maria and Pat are the most amazing couple and along with them, I got to finally meet Lea and Larry in person – the fantastic forever family of our sweet Blondie! Maria and Pat were so anxious to finally bring home Quik but within moments of walking in the door, asked to see Ace too. We all sat together talking – canines and humans –  and I can tell you it was very apparent that they fell in love with both boys. The benefits of having instant buddies together became glaringly obvious and now each would have their own forever laps! It was Love-Love-Love-Love at first sight. It was always meant to be! A plan we discussed over a year ago has come to fruition and I could never be happier! Congrats to Quik and Ace for having a new forever family were you will never want for a thing – and Congrats to Maria and Pat on your new additions!

Like He Never Left