There is absolutely no doubt that Smoochie is pregnant. Being five weeks since the first breeding, if it in-fact took, you should start to see the belly grow by now. Text Book, to the day, her belly expanded, telling me that there is definitely  more than one puppy in there. This is pleasant surprise. You see, when they have reached this point and don’t have obvious growth, there is a huge chance for a single puppy. With such a small breed, single puppies are always a huge concern. We will not have that concern with the Smooch.

She has grown in size every day this week, with her belly extending right before our eyes. Granted, this photo doesn’t show what I am describing but it has captured a behavior we have never seen before – She is stretching that belly to make room for that growth and also cooling off her tummy on the leather of the couch.

We have four more weeks to go – I can only image what growth we will see between now and her due date!

A Smooth Start To Summer
And We Wait