So we ran into a major yet “do-able with help” conflict with Junior Showmanship today. The St Pete show had a ring time of 2:00 and then 2:30 for the TBCC. Based on the number of entires, we knew it would equate to the girls entering the ring at 2:30 or both events. Since all three of the Juniors for the specialty were entered in the St Pete show, the judge was asked to hold off so they could complete the specialty. I wasn’t there to witness a thing because I had to stick around to help with the Specialty but from what I heard, all three did a fantastic job but none placed. It was assumed they were penalized for delay they caused – Either way, I won’t be doing two entries like this again next year. They have the highest Junior fees I have ever paid to date and then to have them frantically run back to the Specialty ring? Simply not worth it!

And speaking of the Specialty ring, they all did wonderful, stress and all! Breanna and Beamer rocked it again! Being the only one in the ring for her class helped with his new fear and when she went back in for Best Junior, there was no one behind them again! Alexis and KC’s practicing paid off because they looked great together! She hasn’t been out into the ring since last September so I was rather impressed to see her get right back into the swing of things. Neither of the girls win but they both did fantastic and should be very proud!



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