About Figgy's Cocktail Chihuahuas

Mixing, Shaking & Serving

We are a small Chihuahua show breeder/exhibitor located in Central Florida near Orlando, where we raise CHIC Health Tested Chihuahuas and Chihuahua puppies from AKC Championship pedigrees. We only breed/own Chihuahuas and they are bred in accordance with the AKC Chihuahua breed standard. Our ultimate goal is to breed Chihuahuas for the AKC show ring,  striving for optimum soundness, health, and a well balanced temperament which is so essential in AKC Show Conformation.

Our Chihuahua puppies are home raised, indoors and underfoot. They are socialized from birth and interact with our family on a daily basis so that they will become used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not all of our Chihuahua puppies will be destined for the show ring, so occasionally we will have very friendly, social, and playful companion Chihuahua puppies that are available to approved, forever homes sold on spay/neuter contracts.  A lot of time, love and attention goes into breeding Chihuahuas, therefore we will only place the Chihuahua puppies we have listed as for sale to families who are willing to give their puppy as much love as it receives from us.

All our Chihuahua dogs and puppies are raised inside with free access to a large fenced yard – they are never penned in wire cages!

Our home is our kennel, our dogs just allow us to live here.