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How can I purchase one of your chihuahua puppies?

We reserve the right to refuse to sell one of our chihuahuas to anyone. We only sell our puppies to homes where they will be well cared for. We will sell a puppy to a breeder who is caring and ethical and whose breeding program we approve of. The puppy must be a pet first and foremost, receiving the attention as a loved family member If you are interested in one of our puppies or being placed on the list for a future puppy, you can fill out our Puppy Application.

Are your dogs AKC registered?

All puppies that we place are AKC registrable, being born from AKC registered parents. Most puppies and adults that we place are sold with Limited Registration.

What is the difference between limited AKC registration and full AKC registration?

Puppies, with parents of the same AKC recognized breed, both having full AKC registration, are eligible for AKC registration – either full or limited.

Full AKC registration simply means that one of our Chihuahua puppies (or dogs) is being sold with full breeding rights and that any puppies produced, when he/she is mated to another full AKC registered Chihuahua, are eligible for AKC registration – either full or limited, depending on the agreement between the breeder and the new owner.

Limited AKC registered Chihuahuas are sold without any breeding rights. The AKC recognizes these Chihuahuas as pure bred Chihuahuas and they can be entered into many AKC events (virtually all competitions except conformation since these events are specifically intended to evaluate breeding stock). All of the Chihuahua puppies that we sell with limited AKC registration are intended as pets only, with the understanding that the new owner will be neutering or spaying the young adult Chihuahua after they reach 6 months of age, which will make them a better pet with reduced risks for any health issues. If they are not neutered/spayed at the appropriate time, it is a violation of our contract and our agreement and any puppies which would be produced from a mating of this dog with any other dog would be ineligible for AKC registration.

We sell most of our Chihuahua puppies with limited AKC registration, so that we are confident they will be going to a good home which is looking for a pet to be loved, pampered, and given individual attention. We sell a few of our Chihuahua puppies with full AKC registration to approved breeders – never puppy mills – at a significantly higher price than those puppies we sell with limited AKC registration.

Do you have a contract?

We do have a contract that anyone that purchases one of our puppies must agree to and sign. For our Limited Registration puppies, the major terms of our contract are that the puppy be spayed/neutered as well as that the buyer must agree to care for the puppy.

Where do your chihuahuas live?

All of our chihuahuas live in the house with the rest of the family. They are first and foremost, our pets. They have a back door that opens into a fenced yard where they can come and go as they please during the day. In the evening, they are couch potatoes with us and they sleep with us at night.

Do you ship your chihuahuas puppies?

No, we do not ship our chihuahua puppies. We believe that it places too much stress on them. Also, we want to meet the person/people who are promising to provide an excellent home for one of our puppies. Meeting them and watching their excitement when they pick up their new puppy to take it home are experiences we do not want to miss.

Do we have to keep the name that you have given the puppy that I am interested in bringing home?

No. We name all of our puppies for identification purposes only. Even though the names are temporary, we do try to find a perfect match! Since we use cocktails and other drinks to name our dogs, our puppies follow suit. We even include a link to the recipe that inspired their name. Look on their page on our site for a chance to taste what inspired the name! We do require that when reqistered with AKC, all of our puppies carry  the “Figgy’s” prefix to its name for “Figgy’s Chihuahuas”. We will add the “Figgy’s” prefix to the AKC paperwork before you receive it.

Do you offer any discounts on your puppies?

We offer a $50.00 per puppy discount when you bring home more than one. This discount will be applied if multiple puppies are taken home at the same time, or if they choose to come back for a future litter.

What comes with the puppy?

Each puppy is sent home with toys, food, supplies and information to help make their transition as easy as possible. We also help kick off the training for each of our puppies! Starting at the age of 6 weeks, we begin their crate as well as pee-pad training. This makes things much easier once they go to their new forever homes. Of course, we are always available to provide support over the phone and vie email.