Our Guarantee

Figgy’s Cocktail Chihuahuas guarantees that our puppy is in good health at the time of sale and is guaranteed from communicable diseases for 5 days from date of sale. (parvo, distemper, etc) The buyer will be responsible for having the puppy checked by their vet within that time period.

We also guarantee our chihuahua puppy to be free of genetic defects that would be life threatening or not medically manageable until the puppy reaches 1 year of age. If this occurs we must be notified immediately and have proof of defect or disease in writing from two (2) veterinarians stating that the problem is genetic with no possibility of any other cause such as accidents, insect borne disease, parasites, viruses, etc. We will not be responsible for any veterinary bills that may occur.

We cannot guarantee against hypoglycemia but we will give you information on prevention & treatment.

The chihuahua puppy will be checked by our vet before leaving us and we will include a list of all vaccinations, wormings, and anything that has been done to the puppy.

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will be show or breeding quality, nor can we guarantee incompatibility, the exact color or size that the puppy will be full grown!