So much great news to share! This was the day that Doc said we needed to reach for Hope to have a fighting chance and we made it!

Suri has completely kicked into mommy gear and it appears as though Hope had made nipple contact. Suri’s milk has finally come in completely and two of her teats have clearly been suckled. There is no way to know for sure how much milk Hope was able to get, but she got something!

And yes – There is more! Her weight went back up to 3 5/8 ounces. I am sure momma’s milk played somewhat of a part but my new feeding methods definitely were in play. I have switched from the bottle to 1 cc syringes. The general rule of thumb is to feed 1cc per ounce. Since Hope is close to 4 ounces, I fill four individual 1cc syringes, allowing me to know for certain how much she has consumed.





Pleasant Surprise
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