Suri is still not quite herself but she is starting to figure things out – A bit. As she was coming to last night, she was a bit nippy with Hope when she crawled on-top of her but today, that is all they seem to be doing. Hope tries regularly to nurse but simply is unable to attach. Suri has been patient and willing but not really into tending to her, particularly. By tending, I mean, stimulating her to poop and pee. It has been said that c-section moms usually kick into mommy-gear on day 3. Until then I am stimulating Hope and then allowing her to stay warm with her mommy.

To keep things calm for Suri and easier for me, we have set up camp in the guest room so that I can get up with her every two hours for Hope’s feedings. It is very quiet and calm in that room and she seems to really like the one-on-one attention she has been getting from me.

Also, the normal weight drop has occurred. Hope weighed in at 3 7/8 ounces and today she weighs 3 5/8 ounces. I am feeding her PetAg Goats Milk Esbilac for Puppies using a bottle and she is able to suckle the nipple. Today she was able to get down about 20 CCs, a tad under what I would like to see her consume. Here’s hope that tomorrow she eats a bit more and Suri bonds more with her baby girl.



Welcome Hope
Pleasant Surprise