Hope and Suri are currently cuddled up for the night, sleeping in a laundry basket on the bed between my husband and I. Keeping Hope warm and fed and Suri comfortable post-surgery is our plan for the evening and being so close to us throughout the night is the only way to make sure that happens.

For the entire ride home, Hope cuddled with her mommy Suri to keep warm and was trying endlessly to nurse. From the driver’s seat, I could hear Hope’s lips smacking, but I was never able to hear that “connection”. Once we all got home, I took Hope out for her first feeding and of course, that was going to be the time to tell exactly what we will be contending with.

Suri and Hope for their first cuddle

Suri and Hope for their first cuddle

Once I opened her mouth and was not able to see any openings in the roof of her mouth so I was very hopeful. Doc explained that with a cleft lip, the chances of the palate being cleft was rather high, and if milk poured from her nose, the palate was affected for sure. Time for the true test….

It took a little bit, but she was finally able to wrap her tongue around the nipple to the bottle and suck. No milk seeping through her nose! She was able to nurse from the bottle and clearly had no problem with it exiting at the bottom! Her urine ran down my arm as she nursed and we were able to stimulate two bowl movements! Those parts are working!

Suri is still rather loopy and not very attentive to her baby just yet. She allows Hope to cuddle and keep warm, but we humans are tending to the rest. Feedings every two hours are now our life but she is clearly worth it.