Against the odds, our sweet Hope is one week old today. To celebrate this monumental occasion, I picked up Hope and Suri a few new oval beds from PetCo.   They are actually cat beds, but their size and their price ($7.99) make them perfect additions to whelping box set up. They allow mom and babies a soft and comfy place to sleep. Almost immediately, Hope started to nuzzle her one week old gift, looking to nurse from it!  Clearly her sense of smell is not as good as her sense of touch. Sure – it’s a soft and supple plush fabric but sweetie, there are no nippies!

After I shared her special gift, she shared hers with me! I weighed her and I am proud to say that she has officially passed her birth weight! Today she weighed in at 4 1/4 ounces!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!



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