Yes, that is what I look for every time I feed Hope. Milk beards, not milk mustaches.

With the placement of Hope’s cleft, her nostril hangs low and makes nursing troublesome. The nipple from when we fed her from a bottle and now the syringe, seems to find its way right into the cleft, with milk making its way into her nostril. Hope and I have figured out our own special formula to get the FORMULA into her belly and not into her lungs.

Hope Day 12 Milk Beards

With her flailing, kneading paws, she signals me that she wants milk. With each knead, I place a drop of puppy formula onto her tongue. With each drop, we aim for the bottom of the mouth, making milk beards instead of milk mustaches. And with each stach’ I get weight gain! Today is she up to 5 1/2 ounces!



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