What a truly amazing morning! Truly! And I almost missed it!

To earn a Champion title, the dog must earn a total of 15 points with two major wins. The majors must be won under different judges and at least one other judge must award some of the remaining points. In Georgie’s case, he has one major, and five single points. The number of different judges is set! Now he just needs another major and the remaining singles to reach 15. As of this morning, he was up to 8.

When we entered the ring, he was totally on fire! We were the only dog entered and only two bitches so a cross over for two points was what I thought might be our best possibility. When we were awarded Best of Winners in addition to Winner’s Dog. I thought it made it a two pointer. By was a I wrong. The class bitch got Best Opposite Sex – that made it a major for both of us!!! SO EXCITING!! So much so I had to capture it in a win photo.

I tried like the Dickens to get him to pose stacked for his win photo but he wasn’t going top play. In any way! He was posting really bad (pushing back with his front legs). We even tried teasing him with a female that was in heat, but nope! We ended up doing a photo with me holding him but it is now officially captured. Our little Georgie is only four points away from his title!




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