worried about our tiny boySupplementing our tiny boy just wasn’t doing it and now that his eyes are open, we realize we are dealing with something much more concerning. Our worries over his presentation in the uterus were very valid and watching him stretch out to get things flowing was a total positive. We always wondered if there was another issue at play- If he is hydrocephalic as well. Looking at his eyes last night I figured we could lean more into that direction.


transporting our tiny boyIt was confirmed when Rita saw him this morning. She and I met up so that she she could take him and see if her medical skills could help him tempt fate. She also had an appointment made for him to be seen by Dr. Rodgers. A third confirmation was received.


By the time I arrived at our meeting place to do the swap, the swelling was so intense that he couldn’t close his eyes! Drops to lubricate his eyes were administered every 30 minutes and medication were given to try to help reduce the swelling in his brain. Unfortunately, at 8:30 pm this evening, our tiny boy passed away peacefully. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge sweet baby boy.



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