As little Flirt and Tino reach the 6 week mark, we are watching them both become very active and independent. They both have a sense of confidence that is a lot of fun to watch mature.  As we watched them explore their world with bravery and excitement this week, we have also watched our sweet Flirt develop more signs of being hydrocephalic.

She is walking and eating and acting perfectly normal. It’s the development of her skull, the appearance of the whites of her eyes accompanied by a redness and how she is tilting her head upwards to see properly that has us on alert. She still has a very long time to go in the growth and maturity department and we have been advise to watch and wait to see how things go. She has a pretty large fontanel on the top and the sides of her skull but it’s not soft and mushy. Meds to help reduce inflammation and antibiotics for possible infection. A few extra prayers and thoughts for our sweet Flirt would be wonderful!



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