So our sweet Breezy didn’t get fed until 2 pm so you know what happened right? The most expensive chewed item to-date! My car remote key-fob thingamajig! I was like…. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS??

Amazon was my first search – then simply the entire internet! For under $10.00 I could purchase the parts and then program it myself. It was something like three snaps and a twist and a tap on the break then a honk of the horn – oh good God I don’t know – the instructions scared the crap out of me. Come to find out there is a locksmith right around the corner who happens to do the car remote entry thingy. When I told him the story he asked if I could bring the culprit along for him to meet.  Of course I said yes!

THIS is the photo I took in the shop. Do you see how she won’t even look at me??? She knows she is in trouble! She had to let a stranger touch her – The perfect punishment 😀






The Line Up
Breezy You Crack Me Up!