When news of the canine flu outbreak hit two days after we were at the dog shows in Deland, the word on the street was a 2-4 day incubation period. We watched all of our dogs that attended the shows for any signs of hacking or running noses. Nope – We really thought we were in the clear! That was until Sunday night. Stella and Tino both started to hack and the plan for how we would proceed was devised. Quarantine! That’s the first step. Bets were placed that we had a case of good ol’ kennel cough and not the flu but until we were sure, we were not taking any chances.

All shows for the 21 days have been canceled. This coming weekend, we were supposed to be heading to Concord, NC for four all-breed shows and a speciality! We also have the four all-breed shows and two TBCC specialties two weekends after. All have been canceled. My dream of finishing Tino at the TBCC Speciality is out the window but his health is way beyond, more important! We will build another dream to get him finished! So now is the time for them to rest and get better!



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