With an early morning ring time for Chihuahuas but several other breeds being shown by Dolly and other friends, I was at the show site all day! It started with both my boys showing fabulously – I couldn’t have been prouder! With Georgie having been out of the show circuit and then back in the ring after a long journey away from home, he looked fantastic! He still struggles with keeping his tail up when he isn’t moving but when he is on the move, it’s a beautiful sight!

Tino showed his butt off and rocked it his entire time in the ring. Even on the table! Well- Tino rocked it for Tino. He stayed focused on me completely during the entire time except on the table – I did have to keep a firm grip – but he never winced or moved. He allowed the judge to examine him without issue. Tino got Reverse to a 5 Point Major – Again,I couldn’t be prouder! Both boys earned the Best Owner-Handler for their variety – I picked TIno to exhibit. He did great but so was the competition.  I was very proud to be in such great company.


Dolly suggested I work on table training with TIno and her suggestions turned out to be quite the amazing turn of events! I put him up on top of my trolly attached to the grooming arm and walked far enough away to be out of my arms’ reach.I held a piece of bait and once he stood up he was treated. It only took about 15 minutes! After he learned how to get the treat and he got excited to receive it, I stopped for a bit to allow he bait to actually remain of value. We went back at it a while later and I will continue these steps throughout the weekend – We will get him to ROCK the table!


In addition to the major strides taken with Tino, I got to show a smooth coat chihuahua, handled a handful of Shelties, made some amazing new friends and rooted for friends as they not only took a GroupOne but then Best is Show!!! Great way to end a great day!




Quite The Fun Trip
The Reserve King & Then Some!