Hope and Suri

When Tracy and and her daughter Hope made our baby Izzy the newest member of their family, we knew they were a dream forever family. We had been through so much with Izzy and her place in our heart required a very special family for us to feel comfortable letting her leave. So when Tracy contacted me saying they were looking to add another Chihuahua to their crew, I knew yet again, I had the perfect choice for them.


Suri is a very sweet and special girl in our family. When it comes to temperament, if I could clone her a gazillion times I would still have people lining up at our door for more. Seriously, if she sweet eyes don’t suck you in, her endless, unconditional love will make you hooked on this breed. Everyone that meets her falls madly, deeply in love with her and we have had a lot of people show interest in adding her to their family.

Hope Meets Hope

Thing is, we knew it had to be an extra special family that we knew would remain in contact with us and also give her the life of a princess, something she most definitely deserved.

When I told Tracy about Suri, it was a perfect fit so she and her daughter came by to pick her up and make it official. Of course, Hope just HAD to meet baby Hope. Clearly Suri’s baby got her amazing temperament too because that sweet puppy stole more hearts tonight, that’s for sure!

Nothing Left To Cross