8 weeks is the ideal age to evaluate puppies for their structure. It is said that what you see structurally at 8 weeks is what you will see when they are full grown adults. Sure, there can be deviations and changes, but it is the best time to see what the future might possibly hold. Of course, holding on to five puppies until they are full grown would be a bit hectic, so doing this evaluation is the best way to determine which will be staying here and which will be going to new forever families.

Shelly and Vicky stopped but to partake in the fun and it was a unanimous decision –¬†After much consideration, we have narrowed down the litter to three that we will be continuing to watch grow and develop – Diva, Flirtini and Bella will be remaining here with us and I will be sure to share their progress!

It's That Time Again
Always At My Feet