For the last few years I have picked up a large breed dog toy that always seems to make it into the After-Holidays Discount bin at Target. I can assume I know why it doesn’t sell well but my dogs love it none the less and the toy gives them a year’s worth of fun, that is for sure!

Playing with the holiday chew toyIt’s a large knotted, rope bone with plastic chews in the shape of light bulbs. Cute to look at but easy to dismember. Even our little Chihuahua’s teeth can get the bulbs chewed off in a matter of 12 hours. From that point, the bulbs become separate toy toys and the rope turns into the latest tug-o-war obsession. Those bulbs get toted around by all of our Chihuahuas, eventually being chewed to shreds by the end of the year. It’s a good thing there are three on each rope bone aye?

Playing with the holiday chew toyAnywho, the puppies have discovered just how awesome his holiday toy is, taking it over and claiming it. Watching a puppy that weighs just over a pound carry a plastic Christmas bulb that is bigger than their own head, is nothing less than entertaining!

Mornin' Momma
The Smooch