We’ve Got Chihuahuas in the Tub!

It’s bath day here and with all of the grooming lessons going on lately. My daughter took it upon herself to bath, trim nails, clean out ears and blow dry our crew – Alexis has become quite the little groomer!

Now that we are doing baths more frequently than normal (they make great practice) I thought I would share our shampoo selections. I have shared that we use the Isles of Dogs product line for our show dogs. The shampoos and conditioners are phenomenal and the results are amazing but let’s be real! Everyday bathing would break the bank if I used the Royal Jelly and conditioners weekly.

They have an amazing Everyday Product Line that includes an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner that is fantastic for our more sensitive pets in the house. Cosmo and Dude have sensitive skin and Ginny can be a frizzy mess. I LOVE their Natural Luxury products and the smells is WONDERFUL!!!!

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