The girls have been honing their grooming skills (thanks to Kristie and Emily) to the point where they are ready for their own setups a home. Hope is the big breed girl while Alexis is sticking to the toy breeds. Each has their own spot at their house where they can practice as well as work on their show dogs. For Alexis, it is is our living room and laundry room. We have a small grooming table step with the grooming arm and she has been trimming nails, dremel and all! Blow drying, ear cleaning and yes, wrinkles too! Today we got to check out Hope’s spot and boy is it impressive.

A hydraulic grooming table with arm, a huge tub to bath the dogs in and a dryer to make anyone jealous. Both girls are so excited and feel so special to have each other to grow and learn with. Blessed. So blessed!

Time For Her Clean Up
Speaking of Blue