The puppies are 3 weeks old and I have FINALLY decided on names. I knew, I know – I am SO bad!!! But it was such a hard decision! I wanted something fun but also very fitting to the uniqueness of this litter. I decided to go with a Vodka theme since so many fun and unique cocktails contain vodka. Now that their eyes are open and they are up and active, I can finally introduce our latest Figgy additions.

SKYY Feelin' Fiennes - 3 weeks oldSkyy Feelin’ Fiennes
The first puppy born and the one with the flashiest markings, Skyy is the vocal one of the bunch. Sweet as ever, he loves attention and to feel the love. He is blue and tan with white markings.

Smirnoff Snapple Spikage 3 weeksSmirnoff Snapple Spikage
Spikage is the one that still keeps me perplexed on the exact color since it changes almost daily. I am still seeing a tinge of the blue hue but he is getting to be more of a chocolate red now. He is very laid back and chilled, rolling over already for belly rubs. Very sweet and cuddly boy!
Stoli Around the World 3 WeeksStoli Around the World
The friendliest and outgoing one of the litter, Stoli is very much like his daddy Teddy in the personality department. The blue from birth is fading and he is clearly that blue sales fawn that I predicted. I love the tad of white on his muzzle and the tan peeking through above his eyes – Gives him character! Not that he needs any.

Vodka Tonic with a Twist 3 Weeks OldVodka Tonic with a Twist
Our sweet baby girl is one laid back momma. Adorably small and sweet, Tipsy is blue and tan with white markings. Of course, the cowlick that runs down the center of her head adds to her adorableness. She is the smallest in the litter but she doesn’t let that stop her when it comes to playing in the whelping box with her brothers!


Two Weeks Old Pudgers
Movin' On Down