Last night was the final conformation class before the Orlando Show Cluster and we wanted to get some training in before the girl’s Specialty and Show debut. Not only will this be first show for Smoochie and Bella, this will also be Hope’s first Chihuahua Specialty this coming weekend and Alexis’ first show with Boomer the Pug! Lots of first filled with lots of excitement.

We brought Beamer along for some additional ring and table experience and let’s just say, he was in more of a playful, puppy mood than anything else. Spike ROCKED it in the ring! Hope had done wonders with that boy! Bella stepped foot in her very first dog show ring at the end of class and was patiently coaxed the entire way. Interestingly enough, her confident kicked into gear and her tail went up as my daughter approached the exit to the ring. Doesn’t that figure? Either way, her first time was a positive time. Now we just get to wait and see what happens this weekend!

Very Chihuahua Like
SPECIAL Best Friends