All companion breeds love their “person”. With two different companion breeds in our home, it’s interesting to not these common traits. Boomer is very attached to his person, my daughter. He is with her at all times, following her around the house and under her feet. When she is away, he resorts to selecting another family member to shadow. This is the exact same with our Chihuahuas as well.

We have been working on house projects the last couple of weekends and they require us to be outside, leaving the dogs indoors. They haven’t quite know what to think since they can see (and smell us) but can’t be with us. Boomer has watched Alexis walk out the garage door and knows she is just on the other side so on this side of the door he sits – and waits. And waits and waits and waits. To see that his best buddy Beamer has decided to calm his friend by cleaning his face was adorable. To see his settle in right next to him, to keep him company until Alexis’ return? PRICELESS!!!!!

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