We are moving on to the Toy Breeds for the rest for the weekend, allowing Alexis and Boomer to make their debut in the breed ring as well as their awesome Junior team! We kicked off the day bright and early at Ring 1 for the Pug Breed right time and let me tell you, it was amazing in more ways than one, that’s for sure!

First – Pug Peeps ROCK! While we waited for our ring time, we got to meet several local Pug breeders and boy they sure are nice! Very helpful and positive, welcoming the new team and sharing their excitement for their breed being represented in the Junior ring.

With five entries in total, it was a very different experience than that we have had in the Chihuahua ring. Not sure what to expect, Alexis and Boomer stood ringside as all of the Class entries made their way around the ring. Once Best of Breed began, it was one of those, “Did that just happen?” moments with the judge picking Boomer for Best of Breed! So not only did they get their first experience in the Breed ring but no they get to enter the Groups ring too! WOW! What a way to kick off the weekend!



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