I noticed last night that Bubbles was nesting a tad bit but that is usually a sign that puppies will arrive in the next day or so. To my surprise our sweet little girl not only went into labor less than 12 hours later but she also did it in the daylight hour! Crazy right?

Bubbles whelping her baby girlShe kicked things into gear at 9:30 am with a desire to nest, leading to an incessant need to try to give birth on my couch. Once she started pushing at 10:30 am everything else went very quickly. And yes! I did get her into the whelping box in time!

With the water sack being open at 11:15 am, the newest Figgy addition arrived 45 minutes later. Start with her tiny rear foot, next came the other foot and then  the tail.  I will admit, I thought we might have to pull out the puppy with the length that appears on the x-ray, but the sack remained on the top half of the pup, making it much easier for Bubbles to push out. Voila! Bubbles’ baby girl had arrived!

Weighing in at 4 ounces, she wasn’t nearly as big at the x-ray made her appear and she clearly takes after both of her parents. With them both being black sabled fawns, she adds her unique twist with wonderfully placed white Irish markings, including four white socks and a white tipped tail.

I must apologize for my doubts and praise Bubbles for her amazing mommy skills. She proudly follows in the footsteps of her mommy Barbie and grandmother Ginny because that was AMAZING!  A singleton born to a 4 pound, first-time mommy, in under an hour and  half ??!?! WOWZERS! Mom and baby are doing AWESOME and boy am I proud!


My Gut Was Right
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