I so love Olive’s zest for life – she is a huge pistol trapped in a very tiny body! Taking no crap from no one, she is also the first to instigate play when ever possible.

Officially 6 weeks old today, she is up to 10.4 ounces and only on mush – no more formula!!! She has spent every day downstairs with the other puppies, getting acclimated to family life and sharing it with others (an issue singletons usually have).

Every evening she and the other puppies have a very long play session, designed to tire them out and sleep them long. Olive usually participates in half of the session, retiring to the whelping suite with her mommy for her late-night feeding.

Tonight she stayed out a bit longer and did a lot of playing with Beamer. It was honestly too adorable not to capture. I must apologize for the horrible lighting but if you squint, you can witness the adorableness for yourself. And Beamer is just too cute – So gentle with her, yet still giving puppy lesson. He’s so awesome!!! They make the perfect late-night play buddies!

Da Balloon
Her Cuddle Buds