All of that socialization from yesterday really paid off for Tipsy because she did FABULOUS on the table without a peep or sound with the judge’s approach. The one thing the table did bring was attention to her shedding coat. The judge not only fluffed it a bit with his hand but also referred to the breed standard to confirm – Yes, she can be considered “sparsely coated”.

Being a dilute coated puppy (that’s what blue is, a dilute of black) she has never really had a full coat. Then if you add the fact that she just came out of season (which inspires the blowing of coat) and you most definitely have a sparse coat. We will work on getting the coat back in between now and the next set of shows but I will totally NOT call today;s sow a wash. SHE GOT HER TAIL UP!!! When we went back in for Winners Bitch, she actually put her tail up! SO Excited!

First Time In A While
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