Getting puppies accustom to the sights, sounds, smells and utter commotion at a dog show is all part of the training required of a show dog. Today was our chance to expose Milly and Ty to all of that and then some, getting them ready for the fall shows, when they will be old enough to enter the ring.

Leaded and on the ground with fellow dogs is only part of the socialization! Being held and touched by complete strangers, is how I usually start with the younger pups. All Chihuahuas need that – show dog or not! That just helps with their overall mental health, stability and confidence. Milly LOVES all of the attention and clearly will go to anyone without issue.  

We also work on crate/carrier training, with them being required to be quite and enclosed or several hours a day. That U can tell you was mastered perfectly! But we also train them to sit ringside, equally as quite and unfazed.

Milly is a much more confident pup that her brother Ty so he got the “stay on the grooming table” training. He actually did pretty good  and you could see him get more and more confident as the afternoon progressed. Still not walking in get lead though – What a pistol!

They Placed!
Perfect Bills of Health!