Today is going to be an exceptionally long and busy day because we have the TBCC Speciality following breed in the St Pete show this morning. The professional handlers are in full force today and we are fully prepared to just enjoy the experience as we help Tipsy as well as Beamer gain more confidence.

Beamer and Breanna went in first and as things went pretty darn good in the beginning, there is a bit of a scare while going around the second corner an Beamer became a tad skittish from that point forward. He was rushed up on and the handler behind them quickly realized what had happened and backed away. Breanna and Beamer do have a slower gait than the norm but the damage was done of the day for sure. What was “behind him” became his only focus, which of course did not present him in the most appealing way. All in all it was another lesson for The Beam and a wonderful thing to watch in Team B &B  – This two really work fabulously together!

Tipsy went growl and shake free two days in a row! That in itself is a huge accomplishment and worth the entry fees. We still have no tail up. It is up religiously at home and when we are training, so I need to figure something out for when we are int he ring. The vibe is obviously derailing the tailing so maybe we will get some success on round two?


A Successful Non-Placement Day
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