The day has finally come for Beamer – The first day of his retirement!

We had his neuter scheduled along with his dental cleaning, getting his geared up and red for his new life in Rhode Island with Jane and Paul, along with Kiki and his uncle Huggie. The snip-snip will definitely make the transition for him a lot easier, especially with two males in the same house.

And while he was under, we had his teeth cleaned.  In addition to the typical tartar, he did have a total of five extractions – All were caps though. Puppy teeth that didn’t have adult teeth beneath to push them out. In this little guy’s case, missing teeth isn’t a bad thing because there isn’t much room in there anyways! Now that they are gone, he should have easy-breezy dental checkups from here on out.

I also brought Olive along for a checkup as well as her rabies vaccines.  We have noticed that when you place Olive on the ground, she sometimes falls forward onto her left shoulder, as if it gives-way. She doesn’t seem to be in pain though, so it was all very confusing. We have always known there is “something” off with Olive but all testing we have done has comeback fine. We may finally be closing in on the issues….

Doc noticed the same thing – She’s not in any apparent pain but he could also replicate it on both her front and rear left sides. He has narrowed it down to a neurological issues. Like the message to move her legs isn’t fast enough coming from the brain. We will be watching her form here on out and of course, keep her as happy and loved as we can!



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