Our oldest expanded our family by proposing to the most amazing young lady that I will officially be able to call my daughter on Sunday. So when not tending to our Chihuahua crew over the last  year, we have been helping plan a wedding. All of that work has finally come to fruition, with this week being jam-packed with wedding festivities.

Rehearsal dinner, the after party, family gathering and today’s BBQ for the out of town guests and wedding party, our dog AND our pups received a plethora of socialization! The pups were everyones favorite though and they were all so sweet and playful with our guests. I swear, the kids would have added them to the wedding party if they could!


All I can say is I was so proud of Georgie and Kidd, be-bopping and maneuvering around the crowds while the younger ones were handed off sporting wags and  kisses. That and of course, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and use the high traffic event to our advantage.


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