Taking the fact that today is the Sunday after Thanksgiving into consideration, and adding that we didn’t finish up at the Junior’s ring until after 1:00 pm  I decided it might be in our best interest to not get on the road today. We opted to stay one more night here in South Carolina and get a fresh start tomorrow morning.  Looks like it was the right idea because as we crossed over I95 coming back to the hotel today, the Interstate was shut down in both directions because of an accident! Oh yeah – staying was the best choice ever!

We took advantage of the extra time here and opted to explore the local outlet stores and get a little gift shopping in. We had a very nice dinner and then tucked in for an actual full night sleep. Now that the showing is over, we decide to let the dogs sleep in bed with us. It was an extra special treat for being so good this weekend. Even Boomer was in the bed for a bit.

TOTALLY Coming Back Next Year!
Tipsy and the Rubberband