mini fridge and penThe more we travel for dog shows, the more we try to pack lighter and add to our gear in a way that makes traveling easier. The first purchase was a SeaBreeze Petite Pen. So much lighter and smaller than the Iris Pens that we use at the house and the perfect choice for at a show site. You can whip out the pen and use is ringside as well as at the car. LOVE IT! Add a large 34″ X 52″ washable pad and you have the perfect combination for boys and their marking The pad protects the flooring at the hotel but you can also add a shower liner to the set if you wish to have added protection. 

The other new addition is one that finding low cost, pet friendly hotel made me research.  I have been caught with my pants down when I arrive at reserved hotels. They SAY they have refrigerators but when I get to the room they ran out or the website listed incorrect information. As much as a microwave is nice, the fridge is a must for the bait.

I called the hotel we are staying at this weekend and as I was about to pull out f the driveway for the 3 hour direct,only to find out – No Fridge or microwave as listed. Within 20 minutes, I found the solution at Best Buy… An Insignia 1.7 Cubic Foot compact refrigerator for $99.00! Small enough to load right into the car and take along with us. Perfect!



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