We head out to Zolfo Springs tomorrow so today was groom and primp day! Show grooming is quite the process – One that we have started at home and had to finish in hotel rooms for several show weekends now. We aren’t heading out until early tomorrow morning this time so we have time to do the full groom here in the comforts of home. Including the full ear cleaning!

I thought I would take some time to share the must have ear cleaning supplies to make sure your Chihuahua’s ear are in perfect condition. I always suggest a wash and dry combo  – Like swimmer’s ear solution – cleaning the ears and then drying them further promote good can ears! The next must-have item is cotton swab applicators to clean out any wax buildup or dirt that you may find.

Cleaning the ears BEFORE your Chihuahua gets bathed is ideal so be sure to place cotton balls into the ears before you wet them down. Of course if you do happen to get water in the ears, pull out that ear drying solution to take care of it!


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