With my husband spending the day with us at the show, we got to show him some of the unique special events they hold at dog shows. Heart and Eye Clinics are a big draw and a huge help for those of use that have multiple dogs to have examined. These exams provide verification for us to get CHIC certification on our dogs. For the Chihuahua breed, you need hearts, eyes and patellas certified.

Today, Mr Georgie got his eyes checked and I am proud to announce he passed with flying colors! He also passed his patellas and heart exams so he will be given his CHIC number this year – YAHOO!!!!

We also did our annual Anicare exam. I am very fortunate to have them located right around the corner from our house but for those with multiple dogs, I highly recommend getting acquainted with their services – They are awesome and Dr. Debbie is amazing!





What a Glorious Day!
A Truly Amazing Day!