Back into the swing of things after the holidays is always tough. Doing it on a two week long show circuit in Brooksville? Quite the way to start the new year that’s for sure!

Alexis is staying at the show site with Renée this week and I am driving back and forth every day. We’re giving Margie a go in the Junior ring this week to see how they do together – It’s been two years for that dynamic duo! Of course Stella is here for show ring experience and socialization. Another week filled with $30 confirmation classes.

Stella did Estele always does. I saw slight improvement on her movement back to the judge and her was up for at least the first go around the ring. I will take it! Let’s just hope we see more changes as the week progresses.

Speaking of changes, lots of changes so far in the Junior ring. Its bitter sweet being the last Brooksville Circuit with Alexis as a junior. This is always two weeks with so look forward to! Not having Boomer was definitely felt. Margie was a nice change but it’s just not the same. Breezy doesn’t have the confidence for the junior ring, let alone the breed ring, so we will continue to give Margie ago. She kicked right back into gear which was amazing! She’s such an awesome girl!











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Stella in Brooksville