Today we did a bit of bait training in the backyard. I have found that the RedBarn Beef Roll does WONDERS in keeping their attention and making them want more. Here I was using it as a topper put on weight! I didn’t realize I had such a Goldmine!

Georgie and TIno did fabulous with their training, each remaining focused on me for the majoring of their training. Now when it was time to do the girls everything changed – and I couldn’t help but laugh!

I wanted to work with Stella one-on-one but she was not going to have it. She just wanted the food – Eating my entire stash! I sent my husband into the house to bring me back out some bait and that is when Blue snuck out into the backyard with him. Apparently having competition helped Stella focus on me and what we were trying to train her on. But that also meant when we decided it was time to treat the girls Blue was working her way into finding a chance to get more food! Pawing at the sandwich bag filled with bait was all it took. Bait went EVERYWHERE! We scrambled to pick it up so the girls didn’t eat at all. Clearly there were remnants because they decided to roll in them! Now we have two girls this smell like beef!


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