I knew when I decided to bring Tino out has a grand champion that it would be difficult. Thanks to my lack of skill, training him to be a “special ” is not my forte. He doesn’t stand there like a statue with his tail wagging when I try to free bait him. He usually jumps up on my leg or like any teenage boy, is staring around the room at everything but me, his mommy. He gets better every time I put him in the ring. And so do I! But this is also the end of the year. This is when all of the top dogs are competing to remain in the top 20 so the odds of him getting any brief points are slim. I’ve entered him I’ll days at the Perry show in Georgia just to gain the owner handler points for next year. We shall see how it goes. Today it didn’t LOL but he showed well so I can’t be too disappointed.

This all after a very rather lengthy drive up to Georgia with Darius last night! As with all my trips with my partner in crime, we didn’t start until almost 10 PM but packed up to the roof with gear and dogs, up I-75 we drove. This trip was our first with the tailgate storage pice. It worked wonderfully actually. It allowed out us for more room for dogs in the rear end of the car! Grizzly got a lot more room. But of course Duncan got the best seat in the house – as always!

The trip itself was eventless and the few hours of sleep we were able to get were cherished! A mad dash to bathe Havanese and then back to the hotel to try to catch up on all that lost sleep. Another day to show tomorrow!

The smoke detector i our room needs a new battery and while Darius seems to have no problem sleeping through the noise I am not having as good of a time. Apparently they don’t have new batteries at the front desk so… I can tell you I’ll be picking one up tomorrow, that is for sure. Too tired to worry about it now!


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