We were off to Lakeland today to see Dr. Rodgers – KC and Georgie are being retired to laps of luxury and today is the day of their surgeries! Georgie is getting to go see his daddy Beamer up in Rhode Island in the bestest home ever – Jane and Paul better get a bigger house because I will always have dogs to retire on their laps!!!!

They both did very well in their surgeries as well as the drive home. A lot of sleeping and resting is on the agenda for the next couple of days. If Georgie is anything like his dad he will be up and moving the moment we step foot in the door at home. KC is a heart doggy so I will spoil her rotten 😉

While waiting for them to come-to from anesthesia (which does take considerably longer than the actual surgery does!) I was able to explore the local Ross and boy oh boy did I find some fabulous deals! Dresses for $5.99 and $9.99. Nice dog show dresses!!! I will be styling this year in Brooksville!!




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