I am back at the ICE dog show this weekend, snapping photos and capturing the fun when a little drama unfolded. I usually end up holding dogs on leads no matter what type of show I go to. Today I watched an owner struggle with trying to show two different puppies and I offered to help by holding the lead for one while she went into the ring with the other. Innocent and easy, right?

Well…he didn’t want to be away from his mommy! Once he realized she wasn’t beside him, he darted to get to her in the ring. If he pulled me down it would have crashed and destroyed my camera and VERY expensive lens sooooooo… I held on for dear life!

My fingers paid the price for it but the camera setup is untouched and all good! It shall live to see another day – back tomorrow for more fun – taped up fingers and all

8 Weeks Old
Day 2 Was Better