So today the boys were on FIRE! I realize that this is a small, local show, but when the dogs walked into the ring wanting it and they get it, who can’t be proud of that???

Both Georgie and TIno walked in wanting to win and the judges awarded them for it. Granted, Georgie is way to thin for Breed but Best Opposite Sex is still impressive! He also got Best Owner-Handler, earning him a chance to compete in OH Groups this afternoon!

When the long coats went in, TIno was definitely his confident self and showed his gait like a true champ. The table was less than to be desired – STILL – but good enough to still impress. Winner’s Dog, Best of Winners and then Best of Breed and Best Owner-Handler! Another amazing point for our little guy. That also meant I had to choose which dog to show in the Owner-Handler group ring. Because of the fact that Georgie is on the thin side right now, I opted to show TIno. He actually did better n the table both times in Groups but we didn’t get any placements. Its all good – Its always fun to play! Thank you Judge Peggy Lloyd for the amazing wins and amazing opportunity to join the fun in the group rings today. A true honor all the way around!

Darius and I decided that Tino needs to get some Big D Boot Camp. We are closing in on the Summer Circuits out of State and if I am going to invest in traveling to shows, we need him more focused and less puppy-scattered-brained. He will be going home Darius along with Stella to get them both into show-gear! YAHOOOOO!








The Boys Are Back In Town